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PO Box 2120, Gaborone Tel: +267 393 2356
Cell: +267 721 411 01 / 778 468 10
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Built on the premise of a home away from home, Beech Apartments entered the hospitality sector.

Beech Apartments consists of four self catering apartments located in the Grand Union Building in the Central Business District. They cater for both relaxation and business customers by offering a tranquil setting that encourages one to unwind and are surrounded by all forms of recreation. Wi-fi and various TV channels are availble in-house. The reliable housekeepers clean all apartments daily.

All the four units of Beech Apartments have balconies that ensure you get a closer view of the Three Dikgosi, High Court, iTowers, Masa Hotel and some offices within the vicinity and Gaborone. This is an ideal place for business people and tourists who would like to enjoy the breeze of Gaborone from the centre of the city.

Beech Apartments, where dreams are made to be repeated.